Something Good Must Die


Depression is not a matter to take lightly. I am listing here a quote from one of my favorite authors again, Nietzsche, from the book Daybreak, Book 1 #.   What if we sacrificed something instead of just looking at what bad must be eliminated. We don’t like to think about this. This is the paradox of Christ, life in death. Remember the context here. Nietzsche is picking apart Christian morality. Still, it’s true, sacrifice requires the death of something good – not just a simple putting off of it.

” Cure for the depressed – Paul himself was of the opinion that a sacrifice was needed if God’s profound displeasure at the commission of sins was to be removed: and since then Christians have never ceased to discharge their dissatisfaction with themselves on to a sacrifice – whether this sacrifice be the ‘world’ or ‘history’ or ‘reason’ or the joy or peace of other people – Something good has to die for their sin”