Something Good Must Die


Depression is not a matter to take lightly. I am listing here a quote from one of my favorite authors again, Nietzsche, from the book Daybreak, Book 1 #.┬á┬á What if we sacrificed something instead of just looking at what bad must be eliminated. We don’t like to think about this. This┬áis the paradox of Christ, life in death. Remember the context here. Nietzsche is picking apart┬áChristian morality. Still, it’s true, sacrifice requires the death of something good – not just a simple putting off of it.

” Cure for the depressed – Paul himself was of the opinion that a sacrifice was needed if God’s profound displeasure at the commission of sins was to be removed: and since then Christians have never ceased to discharge their dissatisfaction with themselves on to a sacrifice – whether this sacrifice be the ‘world’ or ‘history’ or ‘reason’ or the joy or peace of other people – Something good has to die for their sin”

At the deathbed of Christianity


Quote from one of my favorite authors:

At the deathbed of Christianity┬á– Really active people are now inwardly without Christianity, and the more moderate and reflective people of the intellectual middle class now possess only an adapted, that is to say marvellously┬ásimplified Christianity. A god who in his love arranges everything in a manner that will in the end be best for us; a god who gives to us and takes from us our virtue and our happiness, so that as a whole all is meet and feet and there is no reason for us to take life sadly, let alone to exclaim against it; in short, resignation and modest demands elevated to godhead – that is the best and most vital thing that still remains of Christianity.”

Daybreak ; Book 1  #92

Nietzsche (attacking morality)