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Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death?


I got a few texts yesterday from friends telling me Michael Jackson died. WHAT?!?! I looked on and sure enough there were reporting it right. I hit up the TV to check FOX news and they were talking about financial news, and scrolling a ticker about his “cardiac arrest” and that he had been taken to the hospital. For an hour I checked these horribly slow, red-taped, expensive media spots to get the same story, although they would not state the real news that Michael Jackson Died!

Places that Sucked in getting me good news fast:,, aka,,,, among other.

Basically and were the first to point to the good work done by TMZ hasn’t been on top since the Brit-drama crazy pics. At least noted their lack of intestinal fortitude this morning and interviewed the TMZ crew.

Did Michael Jackson fake his death? No. Will Vegas be crawling with MJ impersonators in the coming years just like it has with Elvis fakes? I can’t wait to see my first Asian Michael Jackson jumping skydiving out of a plane to Beat IT. Michael sold out 50 shows in one arena, late to the game in a Saline Deon career move, but sold them out none the less and ran away to the grave with a $10mill advance. I hope they put the show on still and do some type of tribute.

Mattofact: If you’re feeling like you might not be around too long, get a big advance.

My 2nd Commercial Video Production


I had just spent the better half of a year planning and launching a digital platform for Integrity Music in late 2008, called WorshipKitchen when I put together this commercial video explaining the product and giving a pitch to Worship Leaders to use it. We fist shot and edited a 5 minutes long-play video to fully explain the service. We then paired this down to

This was my second stab at a commercial video for this project, and I was able to use a budget 5x the first video posted earlier. The story boards written are well-played out here, and the intended theme was captured well from the Rittenhouse film team. I do recommend them for creative video projects like this. The rotoscope affect at this time was just getting some great publicity in Charles Schwab commercials in their “Get to know Chuck” campaigns, which carried through for many years. This video features our record labels stellar artist Paul Baloche, who is not only a great singer and song writer, but is also a phenomenal worship pastor.  Let me know what you think of this themed throw back for a new digital pitch, keeping in mind our demographic was both creative worship leaders, and those older worship leaders we hoped to move into the digital planning and digital content space with this product launch. This project took about a couple of months, from planning to final edit and was finalized and delivered on 12/8/07. It was pushed to online channels, and social media networks heavily the coming months after it was finalized. Let me know your thoughts on this video. The first edit and extended version is below.