The Most American Man Ever


The most American man ever.

I grabbed this shot of my cousin as he walked in front of me during our family 4th of July get together. Later, this pic was dubbed, “The Most American Man Ever”.
Truth is – he kind of is. He is the most American man ever.

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The Most American Man Ever

Call him what you will, the most American man ever, the most patriotic man ever, the great American badass – it all leads to the same image. No funny post on or pic of Abraham Lincoln riding a bear waiving guns could ever be as American and Patriotic as a marine who stood up for you on foreign lands, hand in hand with his fellow marines, to be certain we can continue to live in freedom.  Here’s to the most American Man Ever – which does (in turn) make this the most American blog post ever.


(image rights Matt Peterson 2014 “The most American man ever”)