About Matt Peterson


I love developing and executing digital marketing strategies that help organizations grow. I enjoy working with businesses on marketing plans from print, digital, social and live events – and making everything work together. I have worked in music marketing and online strategies helping artist, companies, ministries and churches with their online presence. Currently, I oversee the digital marketing and art initiatives as a Senior Director for a leading supply chain technology company. Recently I have served as Executive Director in Marketing for Logos Research Systems. I have worked with music industry professionals in the marketing and promotion of Christian Music, Country Music, and mainstream music projects. I have run digital initiatives for Integrity Music as the Senior Director of Digital Sales and Marketing creating applications, websites, brands, projects, as well as building and running e-commerce platforms. I have run MusicChrisitan.com, MusicCountry.com, IntegrityMusic.com and several other online properties working with top artists on their social media our web properties for pre-sale marketing. I’ve served recently as a marketing consultant to Christian Copyright Solutions, Worship Leader Magazine, National Worship Leader Conference, All About Worship, Smart IT Staffing, and many other music and technology companies. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter at twitter.com/mattofact

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