Proclaim – Church Presentation Software

Proclaim is free to download.
2. Set up a group name for your church and invite team members.
3. Make a presentation.
That’s all you need to do before you go On Air for your Sunday morning service.
Proclaim is the new Church Presentation Software I am working with Logos Bible Software. Proclaim is unique since it is cloud-based and engages audience members with signals to mobile devices. Proclaim has moved church presentations to the cloud allowing pastors and worship teams to access, edit and present from any computer – anywhere, with one simple On Air license.
Proclaim is extremely powerful because it allows you to engage your audience on their mobile devices, but sending signals out to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices letting people in the pew know exactly what scriptures to follow, website links, contact info, and even will help you take tithes and offerings with a simple click.  Coming soon Proclaim signals will also include surveys, allowing pastors to take live surveys during a service and display the results if they would like.

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