Son Of God Movie / The Passion of the Christ


When Son Of God releases February 2014 it will have been 10 years since Mel Gibson’s The Passion released. The films will no doubt meet some hard comparisons. Both well-timed for the Easter preseason, it will be interesting to see how the Fox backed version of the Jesus story will be positioned and accepted differently. Enjoy the trailer.

RAYSD – Doodle


RAYSD is out. This is the a blogazine our editorial and design staff here at Logos have put out. I’m honored to work with a crew that can put a product like this together. Check out the newest issues. They have done a killer job at drilling into great design on the site, and follow suit into each article page. You can get there by going to or clicking the image below. You’ll enjoy the free music downloads, movie reviews and great articles. Let me know what you think about the site. I was luck to have my “doodle” featured by our design staff in this article. I’m not sure how you take notes when you’re listening to a sermon, but this coffee cup seemed to work for me.


Mattofact: You should doodle in church.


Social Media Movie


Sony is out ahead of the news. I guess it’s just a matter of time before FB announces their have moved from 400 million to 500 million users, but with a new movie on Social Media releasing in the fall of 2010, the announcement has been made for Zuckerberg. Check out this movie poster below, which was launched today. You can see it at which redirects to the movie site. TechCrunch has posted additional information on this as well here:

I am actually pumped about the movie. On an interesting marketing note, Sony has decided NOT to use social media to talk to me about the movie. After redirecting to Sony only collected my email address. If you’re marketing something that is all about social media… try to use social media as the main driver.  The movie isn’t going to be about the evolution of email. You can follow me on

Mattofact: Your marketing needs to expand outside of email.