Light work.


I had a great session with my friend a professional Heidi the other day updating her head shots. Enjoy.

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If you are in the Cincinnati area and need professional headshots done for yourself or your employees, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Light work.

  1. G. Alexander Cook

    Hi Matt, I got to your blog via your linkedin post in the photography groups: I like your head shots from a technical standpoint, but I’m not blow away some of the drama is missing I would have added a b&w version. Also the third photo from the top “feels” a little washed out in terms of lighting and detail. At the intimate focal length you choose my eyes are naturally expecting more detail not less. The 2nd and 4th shot give an orange tint to her skin tones especially when compared to the 1st photo. Work with your lights a bit more to achieve her natural skin tone and don’t be afraid to try something different. Finding the most flattering shot for a subject is a process, not a recipe. One of the best techniques I’ve used is after a few shots (3-4), have the subject look down at their feet for a few seconds, ask them to take a few deep breathes, then ask them to look up. Most of the time you get something candid. Also remember to have your subjects take a deep breath and exhale before shots as it relaxes the facial muscles. Best to you and your endeavours.

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