Most inspiring video of the day, the story of stories


Every marketing team wants to know what magic will bring in the best leads, results, traffic, brand awareness and whatever else they want. Well, here it is. The team at The Music Bed are killing it. They have given us some of the best music beds for corporate, church and personal videos. They believed great videos deserve great music from amazing artists, and they have connected video makers and producers with inspiring tracks that have carried our videos. Their latest promotion is genius and all marketing teams can learn a few things from it. Watch their promotion video featuring spoken word creative Anis Mojgani. You may remember him from his inspiring “Shake the dust” video.

Their campaign, #ProjectFilmSupply, is going to do something all marketing teams should learn from. With a large giveaway full of amazing prizes, their promotion is going to drive sales of their products with each submission. They gain instant sales, key contacts in their market for future sales, and amazing brand recognition – all from the same promotion. And, it’s all internal. There are no ads to buy, campaigns to purchase or outside lists to send to. Yes, there will be hard work in sifting through mountains of submissions, but they will win in the long run. Well done TMB team. Three $50,000 prizes and a chance to make your dream film is nothing to sneeze at, but this promotion is invaluable.


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