Playbook: Sponsoring Events and Conferences

Cincy Copter

Creative teams – represent. There’s a few things you can do to make sure your team comes out on top. A top priority of many in-house creative teams is to represent our companies well at sponsored events. From small meet-ups, local events and all the way to international conferences – it’s the job of our in-house creative teams to make the company presence fresh. Sponsored conferences are most often used by businesses to share their product, but what can make a bigger impact isΒ  to share the product’s benefits. Showcasing the product does not always highlight the benefits. Know the difference and concentrate on how the product or service affects the user’s daily life.Β  If you have something to sell, get stage time in main the session. Fight for it, and help your salesperson dial in their presentation and pitch. Sometimes we sponsor events that are purely for name recognition. For these events, do something great. Here’s what I did for a local small event we sponsored along with a handful of other local companies.

Recently my team had the opportunity to prepare for our sponsorship of a local drone hack event called Cincinnati Node Copter, We could have just sponsored the event with our logo on the website and by showing up to participate and have our company name announced with everyone else. We could have. Instead, we found out the event was not going to be documented and leveraged our creative team and equipment to document the event for In exchange for a Saturday morning of filming and few days of editing, we gave the organization a video for their future use and created a video for our use on social media. Featured in the event video you will see two things extra we did. Instead of just bringing our sponsored equipment for the event, we took the time to print vinyl graphics that we applied to the node copter protective shells. Our company was the only one with private labeled copters for the hackers to use.

When we completed the video, we also created a logo for them to make the event look more official.Β  The other companies did a great job of coming together to make the event happen. Other sponsors of the event are below.

Be great.


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