In with the new, out with old


Keeping things fresh is a must. My boy Carlos just launched his new blog. It’s like a re-grand opening – only better. We’ve teamed up and he’s giving away a $1500 Logos Bible Software package on his site to celebrate the launch of his new site. I like this because Los leverages the tool I’ve been working on, Proclaim, with the main product of Logos – Logos Bible Software. Basically the two tools work together, so he can study with Logos and then present with Proclaim. You may have seen an earlier post on the Proclaim blog talking about what he loves about Proclaim. The video below explains what he likes about Logos.

Follow Carlos on twitter at @Loswhit and here are my boys Evan Oliver and Joshua Gray who shot the video.

Check out his new site and while you’re there enter the giveaway to win a Logos 5 Gold Base Package. You’ll enjoy his insights and get a kick out of his posts. I like that he posted about facelifts on the day his website got one. Carlos Whitaker


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