Proclaim Church Presentation – Free in February with a Facebook Post


New Church Presentation Software Free through February.

Join something awesome.

Proclaim, the latest church presentation software, has simplified Sunday morning. Now pastors, worship leaders, and production staff can build the entire service presentation online throughout the week.

No stress. No rush. No madness.

Download Proclaim for free or go to

And for now, it’s completely free through January. Plus, see below how to get continued free use of Proclaim through February with a simple Facebook post. Details below.

Why Proclaim?

  • Proclaim is super simple. It’s the centralized solution to all your presentation needs. Proclaim lets you arrange lyrics, outlines, and images from anywhere, anytime. When you’re ready to present, just click “On Air.”
  • Proclaim is collaborative. Proclaim lets you and your service team add to and edit your presentation throughout the week from any computer. Pastors can upload outlines, images, and Scriptures at any time, and the band can easily see what songs are slotted for upcoming weeks.
  • Proclaim is smart. It preps itself. No need to copy and paste lyrics anymore—Proclaim interfaces with your CCLI SongSelect account and your Graceway Media membership. Proclaim also connects to Logos Bible Software, allowing pastors to send sermon notes directly to their presentations with a simple click.
  • Proclaim is free—for now. Proclaim is free through January 31, 2012 for everyone, and with the simple Facebook post outlined below, you can get it free through February as well.

See What Others Are Saying

“CCLI is proud to partner with Proclaim. Now that your SongSelect account is connected in the Proclaim church presentation software, preparing service slides and presenting them on‒screen is simple. Search the SongSelect database, and with Proclaim, lyrics are automatically formatted correctly across your slides. SongSelect’s connection with Proclaim is one of several exciting improvements we are working on to keep SongSelect as a valuable worship product.” —Howard Rachinski, CCLI President/CEO

“We’re excited about Proclaim,” say Graceway owners and operators Josh and Jon Bailey. “Users can unlock Graceway Media’s Total Media Membership within Proclaim and enjoy access to a growing library of 10,000 creative designs, including event-themed slides, worship loops, and countdowns. We’re thrilled to bring our hi-definition media to churches through this new, smart presentation software.”

It’s the new, simple way to put presentations together. Just download the app,register an account, and discover how effortless presentations can—and should—be.

How to get an additional month of Proclaim FREE.

Getting Proclaim for free through the month of February is simple:

  1. Post a photo of your church using Proclaim to our Facebook page this month.
  2. Tag Proclaim in the caption and tag your worship team members in the photo.
  3. You’re done. It’s free.

And just like that, you and your team can keep your On Air license for free until February 29—that’s all of January and four more Sunday mornings in February with no jump drives, no last‒minute stress, and no madness. Visit the Proclaim Facebook Page for more details.


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