‘Ask the Expert Live’ sponsored by Musicademy


This week on Wednesday 7th December – 7.30pm GMT (London) 2.30pm EST (New York) 11.30am PST (Los Angeles) 6.30am (Australia on 8th Dec) I will be paneling a live discussion with killer group of industry insiders below. We’ll be fielding questions on anything from guitar pedals to info I will comment on – in the area of Church Presentation Software. I hope you can make it! This should be a great time of diving deep into some areas of ministry that worship leaders find useful. Along with any questions that you might have on church presentation software and church media you might have, I will also be answering questions on social media in the church and the use of mobile devices in church services.

Visit the FB event page here and click JOIN! Then show up on Wednesday to get answers and join the discussion. I’m looking forward to some good questions revolving around church presentation software! You can get your questions in early now if you would like by posting them on the event wall.

I’m a BIG believer in the resources Marie and Andy at Musicademy have brought to the Church and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the event page Wednesday!

~Matt  (@mattofact)

Join me for :

‘Ask the Expert Live’ sponsored by Musicademy

askJoin our live virtual “Ask the Expert” sessions on Facebook. This is your chance to ask our real live panel of music and worship expert anything you like!

Its not strictly speaking a webinar because there is no audio but our panel will be online for an hour answering your questions using an open page on Facebook. That means you can easily dip in and out while working on other things, and quickly scan through to see the questions that interest you the most.

The way it works is that you upload your questions in the run-up to the event and during the hour itself. We’re also really happy for you to comment on other people’s questions and to add your opinion to our experts suggestions.

Upcoming Ask the Expert Live sessions

Guitar – Wednesday 7th December – 7.30pm GMT (London) 2.30pm EST (New York) 11.30am PST (Los Angeles) 6.30am (Australia on 8th Dec)

Ask everything you ever wanted to know about electric and acoustic guitars, amps, pedals, tone, sound and more

Click through to our Facebook event page to sign-up for the event (it’s free) and to post your questions.

Bass Guitar – date to be announced

Keyboard – date to be announced

Other topics? Email us and let us know what you’d like to see.

Archived Ask the Expert Live sessions

Click through below to access the archive of previous sessions:

Church Sound Tech and PA

Our Expert Panel

Andy-Chamberlain-MusicademyAndy Chamberlain is a co-founder of Musicademy and Worship Backing Band. Andy is a guitarist and in the past has played for Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching, Brenton Brown and many others. Presenter of Musciademy’s Worship Guitar DVDs and Playing By Ear DVDs. Andy writes a monthly column for Worship Leader Magazine and regularly teaches music and worship seminars in both the UK and North America.

Tim-MartinTim Martin is the music minister of Christ Church Clifton (an Anglican church in Bristol, UK). He is a worship leader and a multi instrumentalist playing keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and trumpet regularly in worship. A former secondary school teacher, Tim presents the Musicademy Worship keyboards and Improvisation for Orchestral Instruments DVDs as well as the new Playing By Ear DVDs. Tim has a passion for teaching and equipping others to play and lead skilfully and sensitively. To relax Tim loves sea fishing and spending time with his wonderful family.

Marie-Page-MusicademyMarie Page – Ask the Expert panel facilitator. Co-founder of Musicademy and Worship Backing Band. Marie is a keys player and leads a small church with her husband Steve. A digital marketer with a passion for social media, Marie is also a professional tutor in all things marketing teaching at Universities and Chartered Institute of Marketing Centres in the UK.

GeoffGeoff Boswell has been a professional sound engineer for over 40 years and is also a bass player. Geoff has worked in almost every area of professional sound including theatre, live sound especially festivals, production management, recording studios, broadcast sound and radio. His full time work has included Thorndike Theatre Leatherhead, Surrey Sound Studios, RG Jones, Thames Television, Audioplan Ltd, Racing UK. Freelance work has included BBC drama & Light Entertainment, ITN & Sky News, ITV Drama & LE, Ch4 sport, Corporate Video and Production Sainsbury PLC, Main Stage Manager for Greenbelt Festivals 1976 to 1998 & 2011.

Tim_HortonTim Horton is Installation Systems Design Engineer at SFL Group where he has worked on many church audio and visual system installations. Tim is one of the teachers of SFL’s training courses and hosts the “Acoustics and Mixing Techniques for Churches” course. Tim studied Music, Worship and Theology at London School of Theology and also worked for a Church as a techie and musician for two years prior to joining the SFL team. Tim blogs for Musicademy on technical and PA issues and is also a guitarist and worship leader at his local Church.

Rich-Renken-Line-6Rich Renken is the Artist Relations/Customer Advocate for Line 6 where he was also previously Product Manager for Spider Valve, M13/9/5, James Tyler Variax and LowDown bass amps. Rich was Line 6’s in-house luthier for James Tyler Variax® modeling guitars. Rich has worked as a semi-pro musician playing with artists such as David Ruis and Kate Miner as well as with players who have played with Jane’s Addiction, John Mayer and Smashing Pumpkins. Has has also done front-of-house mixing for artists such as Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Evanescence, Widespread Panic, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Gogol Bordello. He has also also mixed CDs for artists such as David Ruis, Jeremy Riddle, Fin, Vancouver Left and many more.

I currently have a professional hobby as a mix engineer. I have mixed many artists such as Maroon 5 (which ended up being a DVD/CD of “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”), Dave Matthews Band, Evanescence, Widespread Panic, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Gogol Bordello, and many others for TV broadcast and the Web for companies like Control Room and AEG. I just finished mixing a “We are the World” Haiti documentary for MTV. I have also mixed CDs for artists such as David Ruis, Jeremy Riddle, Fin, Vancouver Left and many more.

Bob-weil-visual-soundBob Weil is the creator and mastermind behind Visual Sound producing guitar pedals such as the Jekyll and Hyde, the Route 66 and the H2O as well as other guitarist resources such as the immensely successful One Spot. Bob and a number of Visual Sound pedals were featured on the original Musicademy Intermediate Worship Guitar Course.




Matt Peterson is the New Media Executive Director at Logos Bible Software, overseeing their newly released church presentation software Proclaim, a cutting edge ‘cloud-based’ solution which includes features like mobile phone messaging during the church service. We first met Matt in his role as Senior Director of Digital Sales and Marketing at Integrity Music. Matt has been involved with social media and music marketing for many years working with labels and artists throughout the Christian and country music industries.





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