facebook Stats


Social Media facts from the good people at Onlinescools noting the crazy stats about facebook. Check out the stats below. I is crazy that facebook is approaching the 650,000 million mark and I’m sure it won’t be long before we all are trying to figure out how 1 billion people are on facebook. Get ready to start doing the math of facebook credits to see how you will pay for those new items you want and can purchase without leaving the world’s favorite site. F-commerce is coming, and it means much more than linking to sales or donations modules. Is your online giving facebook ready?  If “facebook” was the most searched term in 2010, it makes you wonder what the most searched term of 2011 will be. Prepare you church now to start taking donations via facebook for tithes and offerings. In a time where most churches are just now coming to grips with deciding whether or not to put a kiosk in their foyer or not, church attendees are going to find new ways to spend their money. Make it easy, and stay relevant and available where the members of your church are.  The stats below also bring into question the whole issue of what your church team is doing to make sure your relevant church posts appear in the newsfeed of your fans when they get on facebook. News feed optimization has never been more important and in 2011 will outweigh the usefulness of SEO work on websites.

The Stats on Digg


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