3 Commitments – Mine and God’s


About  three weeks ago my pastor asked me what I felt like the 3 most important things I am committed to  in my life.  Commitments can feel like juggling some times, trying to keep all the important things going without dropping something that matters.  I wrote these three things down on a card that day:

1. Wife   2. Son   3. Job

I think what I was getting at with the third one, was the work I set out to do, being honorable with the time I spend during the day.  While Pastor Todd did not discount any commitments to family or loved ones he spelled out the three things that God wants us to be committed to.

1. Tithes  2. Serving  3. Prayer

REALITY CHECK. I need to keep these three things in the forefront of my plans, both daily and long-term.

Mattofact: Commitments matter. Knowing exactly what you are committed to is the first step.


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