Peace On The Water


My brother-in-law got a boat last week. He took me out on the water just north of Cincinnati to a lake called Ceasar Creek. Well, we went out on the lake created by the damn at Ceasar’s Creek, it’s actually called Ceasar Creek Lake. From this site here, you can see the Army Core of Engineers operate the damn to control the high waters from spring rain. They built and operate the damn.  It’s a spot I have always heard about growing up in Cincinnati but never went to until the other day.

Hanging with the family was great. Tubing with my brother and watching my brother-in-law do a little wake boarding was pretty killer. The best part though was riding in the front of the boat at a decent speed as it lightly rained. The wind, the rain, the loud motor roaring, and the speed on the water gave me a bit of peace. There are just those moments of calm, those times of no distraction, when you can’t be distracted if you tried.  It was a great day. Go somewhere in your city you’ve heard about but haven’t been yet. Chances are there’s a reason people talk about it so highly.

Mattofact: Do something that is peaceful to you. It will clear your mind.


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