Spain Wins World Cup Final 2010


Netherlands vs Spain   –   Nederland vs España   –   Nederland vs Espania

Spain Wins 2010 World Cup

NED 0 ESP  1      final

Call it what you will, futbol or soccer, but this world cup final is an instant classic. The 2010 FIFA World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain is a match that gives us a first time champion.  Neither team has won the world cup until now. When you have a chance to set a record, to break through something that has not been done before, it’s not a secret that we all try a little harder, give a little more. But when two teams like this have nothing to loose and everything to gain, what plays out is a fury of passion. The Netherlands were a colony of Spain before breaking free long ago, and the stage for this battle set in Johannesburg, South Africa, which was a colony settled by the Netherlands, provides a tale built upon hundreds of years of national drama. Below you will find some pics from the game. One of my favorite things about this sport, especially at this level is how much excitement is released in the celebration after a goal. Makes me wonder if I have goals set high enough, that when I hit them those around me can see I am emotionally invested.

Mattofact: When you hit a goal celebrate! Be emotionally invested.

1st half

2nd half:

Extra Time, Winning Goal:


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