Stay in the now


Many businesses and churches tote themselves as being successful or having longevity in a certain niche or area of the arena they do business in, only to find others have crept into their space and are out promoting and performing them. This often happens from the side, from the trenches.  In an effort to grow followers, laity, bottom line, or even top line business models, the focus of owning your defined space is laid aside.   Be and do, what you call yourself to be. If your organization says they own a certain area, then own that area. If you believe you are the leader in a certain area, then don’t just let the past define you. Stay in the now. Be what you call yourself. “We lead our city in…”, “we are best at …”, “what sets us apart is…” – whatever these things are, actually knock them out of the park, don’t just talk about them. If you don’t want to fall or #2 or worse, then you have to commit to being innovative. You have to commit to loving those you serve. You have commit to loving your team.

Mattofact: If you brag about leading a niche or industry, be sure you are leading and constantly innovating. It’s a commitment. If you don’t lead, others will.


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