Thankful For Storms


When the men on the ship with Jonah saw how God reacted in peace to a disobedient prophet, they bowed down to worship Him. When raging waters became smooth as glass, the men who needed a relationship with God, saw the peace He could bring – they wanted it.  After throwing Jonah over the edge of the boat and witnessing this, and Jonah was swallowed, the sacrifice of Jonah began. What Jonah sacrificed, what he offered up from the belly of big fish were prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of thankfulness. That doesn’t even make sense.  When the storm God sent had him in a place where there was no way out… he gave thanks. Thank God for the storms. Thank God for the places he puts us in where it feels there is no way out. When you are in a spot like this, give a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Mattofact: Be thankful for the storms and dead ends. They have been sent to you for a reason.


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