Be Critical


Be critical. Be a critic. Learn to critique with value. Practice being a critic with a vulnerable, open, and honest sharing with the very thing you are criticizing. It’s one thing to invest your time and energy into endless complaining, but to truly be a critic for the sake of making something better….now that is valuable.

We live in an age where opinions are being shared with anonymous protection, and the way people hide behind everthing but their face and actual name, is a trend that is becoming the norm not the exception. Have you ever heard of I cannot believe how man professor friends I know who actually check this, and tie their understanding of how they are doing to it. It’s almost as if the anonymity brings it credit. While I don’t agree with that, I do think it could be a valuable tool to take away personal changes that can be made to help students learn better. In that case, the criticism is valuable.

Be a good critic. Be a critic that gives useful feedback, but no matter how strong you feel about how something is, is not, or how well or not well someone has done… understand the value in criticism is not in the giving, it’s in the receiving. Be a critic, criticize well, but most importantly, receive criticism with a teachable heart for change. So be critical, but most of all be critical of yourself. Being a good critic is critical. People need insight, they need your opinion, and they need to receive it in the best way possible, with love and delivered with empathy. Leave your suggestions below.

Mattofact: Criticism takes practice to give, and practice to receive.


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