Snail Mail – timing is tuff


I hope this is my last post about DM Days 09′ but I couldn’t help but give this update. The direct marketers were there in all their glory in booth after booth noting how great they are at mailing stuff. The event started on a Tuesday morning. I flew out from my small city on Monday morning and I was in the office the previous week. The reason I give you my travel details is to highlight a funny thing. I returned to work this week to a small stack of DM Day vendors who sent letters asking me to come to their booth. Letters sent through snail mail to arrive at my desk AFTER THE EVENT. These came from, zmags, (both of which were the two best vendors there), Accudata (whom does not even list a website url on their letter to me), and RST marketing doating on their “real pen” technology. Note to vendors: I appreciate the hustle to get me to your booth, but if your using snail mail to contact me ahead of time – MAIL YOUR MARKETING IN TIME.

I don’t want to get into the marketing of these companies other than to say I love the company and suggest you check it out. Also, I’m tyring to weigh the usefullness of a purl. Would I really go to with any more favor than I would just simply go to Maybe there is a valid reason for them. I can’t image the planning needed to to populate customer pages with real and relevent products and data accurately and with little ongoing adjustment. Simply listing a name on the top of headers would be more of the same BS everyone weeds through so easily.

Mattofact: Even if your in one industry yet using a new or different method would help you deliver your message better (or on time) – choose to deliver your message better. If email will get your marketing in front of my eyes on time – use it.


One thought on “Snail Mail – timing is tuff

  1. I think people would be more likely to visit their PURL if there was some sort of incentive to visit it. For example, a car dealership will use PURLs to offer their customers unique offers based on what type of car they bought. In this case, I think people would be more likely to visit a PURL vs. the normal site. Thoughts?

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