Family is family no matter where family is


I left DMDays in NY and went to NJ. I took the NJ Transit from Penn Station over to Metuchen where my cousin picked me up. Some lady asked the ticket taker on the train how he knows to punch the ticket the exact amount of times… she noticed it was different each time like I did, so there had to be a reason. He answered “I have to punch it twice atleast, so I punch it three times for fun and sometimes four out of habit”. Hilarous. Just when you think there is an unquestionable science to something, you find out the guys is just bored and punches your ticket more than twice just for kicks. It seems his position should have been long replaced with an entry or scan system. I would have rather that he made up an intrigueing story on punching my ticket due to the length of the ride. If it were me, I’d buy an old ticket puncher and embrace the nastalgia – like this one from 1900.

My cousin picked me up and I went to his business then stayed at their house for a few days. Went to his sister’s, my other cousin and hung out with her family. They are the cousin’s I grew up only seeing occasionly each year, but somehow stayed close to them over the years. They all are married with kids now, so when I took pics and posted of thier kids playing hockey and of hanging out at their house – my sister from my mom’s side FB’d me and wanted to know about this double life I lead. Hilarious. Even in my own family the stories, experiences, and people are too big to keep up with across all the half’s and step’s and 2nd’s and ‘by mairrage’. I’m just glad that family is family no matter where family is. And it’s hilarious that the same family things that pop off on one side, are somehow at work in another – family is messy and fun all at once. It was great to see everyone, I don’t care if it took me two, three, or four punches in my ticket to get there.

Mattofact: If you haven’t seen your family in a while – go see them.


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