Callers, Poppin’, Ivanka, and ‘Going Direct’


I am in NYC for #dmdays DM Days 2009. I would not refer to myself as a ‘direct marketer’ but rather an ecomm marketer, web property strategist, or the web czar… OK maybe the later is a bit of a stretch but I’ll bet my worn out laptops I’ll get elected as Egovenor at some point. Will my eGovenor’s mansion only have an online location? I hope not. That is eGovenor… not EGOvenor.

I’m on Time Square in the cool spot they sectioned off with seats. There are two kids next to me that are drawing a crowd pop lockin’. One sucks, one is awesome. Now they just quite and the crowd was just staring at each other across the way and it didn’t break up fast enough. The people in the crowd probably couldn’t tell you the difference between the poppin’ lockin’ and breakin’ if they took a college course on that junk that started a stones throw from here. Now some old crazy man is yelling in some middle eastern language… sounds like preaching, fire and brimstone fury preaching.

My day started with a breakfast with DialAmerica who I guess we’ve did business with in the past. They have gone from 45 call centers across the US to 22 in the last 5 years. This DM stuff is new to me in this form (non-digital) so she clued me in that tele-sales numbers are referenced as happening BL and AL. That is before the do not call list, and after the do not call list. Sounds like they need a new name.

What do you do when your company name is descriptive of your model that is dieing a slow death? Change it or start an alternate brand and run interference until your new brand is built. They are changing their business model to survive, so why not that name?
The conference started off with a word from the DMA president which was Ok. He spent a half hour convincing us that Direct Marketing includes all ecommerce and web marketing. I’m not sold. Then Ivanka Trump was the first key note speaker… yes that 27 year old daddy’s girl. Not Seth Godin, not Maxwell, not Chris Anderson… Ivanka Trump. She was horrible… laughable. The first crowd question was asking her how she and the Trump organization leverage socail media in particular twitter to grow their business. She said she is late to adopt all forms of media, and has never looked at twitter. No one asked any other questions… it was embarrassing. I asked them when I registered about any twitter hash tags. The registration people looked crosseyed back at me. OOOOKKKK. Well, at least I learned The Don has a blog here which is funny because he does not have a computer nor does he type. He transcribes it. Which means, he doesn’t do it, someone else does. Someone told me over diner tonight that all the great direct marketers (meaning direct mail marketers) retired and never took the time to train the digital young people… “so the art form is lost”. Riiiiight. Maybe the rules are different, maybe the game has changed.

Tomorrows big speaker is Mike Gamson founder of Wasn’t that started 7 or 8 years ago? I haven’t checked my linked in account in 6 months. Algorithms can be deceptive when web guys report usage stats, especially for

Mattofact: You can change the name of your business, and sometimes there is a good reason to do it.
Mattofact: Rules change while your playing the game.
Mattofact: Don’t ‘not blog’ for a while then shove 3 blogs in one post, like I just did.


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