Digital Offering Commercial


This was my first video commercial piece I put together. In August of 2007 I was working on a major product push for my company called WorshipKitchen. This commercial done to be a short pitch to breed familiarity with the product, give a brief walk through of benefits, and put a face to the product. The talent is Brie Reed, very good on camera and ver professional to work with. The video was shot by Knitted Heart, who I highly recommend. And the graphics used were coordinated with our print and online advertising done by Boer Haus. Final edits were completed on 8/7/07 and this was marketing piece used at live events, and pushed through our social channels.

The script details and story board features came across well, and this proved to be an effective early marketing tool for the product line. Since shooting this video I’ve grown tired of the plain white background commercials that have brought a very clean ‘Apple-esqe’ creative edge to commercials. There are a few things I would have changed on this, but for being done a shoe-string budget, this commercial came out good. Let me know you thoughts on how this commercial played out.


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