Well Connected?


Sitting in a cafe… with friends and realized how disconnected I am with them, and how connected to everyone else both they and I are. There are 5 of us here and I think we are all carrying on text, twitter, and fb convos with a few other people each, as well as some with each other. One of my boys has checked out, he doesn’t want to be here.Β  Just to paint the picture for you, the conversation is light, and spring, but almost everyone is enjoying the hang. Anyhow, while sitting with them, hanging out, supposedly visiting and breaking bread with my boys – I realized could do a short blog post from here and note the night from my phone. So, who are those around you connecting with while they are ‘with you’ while they are hanging, drinking, eating, visiting with you. With 5 people hanging out and on their phones, there could be 25+ conversations happening – not to mention social posts with responses.

Mattofact: Conversations with friends are important, and talking to each other is crucial.


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