Wisdom position


How is your brand conveying wisdom? There’s a bit of respect that comes with those reaching 100. We listen to their words and respect their advice.

When you position your brand to stand out among a million choices, use a voice that begins with respect and copy that awes the viewer.

Church Social Media – New Site

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In 2009 I launched a business to help churches, ministries, and businesses in the Christian space with their marketing and social media plans, content strategies, and management. With the help of one of my long time friends and favorite designers, Rachel Parks, we launched IceCream Social Experts. Images of the site are below. We had a good run, working with major artist, ministries and churches around the world. But, the old saying is true – those who don’t change die. It was time to shut the site down and start fresh. For all the companies, friends and churches that we have worked with – the future is now.

So I’ve launched CHURCHsocialMEDIA.com to highlight one thing for people, churches, ministries and businesses:

Great stuff to share.

I moved in this direction to replace telling churches why and how they need help with marketing, branding, creative and campaigns – to actually make a site that serves the purpose of helping. If businesses, churches and ministries need help beyond ideas and encouragement, they will ask.

New site:

church marketing

Old site and brand:

christianitytoday.com churchleadersCMO candidate

3D Recreation of classic art


Killer classic art 3D rendering from Hungarian artist Ekho.

Budavár visszavétele 3D from ekho on Vimeo.

If you think for a minute this challenge from his wife was an easy thing to do, you should view his behance page or blog for the project details. Looks like he had to literally rebuild the painting and recreate most all of the figures.

Princeton High School, Cincinnati Ohio


My mom graduated from Princeton high school in 1972. Little did she know then my brother would someday be the district principal at that same high school. I’m extremely proud of my brother and the entire staff at Princeton high school for all the work they do to pour into and change the lives of kids every day.