Tear-jerking story of the Ice Bucket Challenge


I didn’t want the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to come my way. But it did. Then I found this story. The story of the person with ALS who started it all. Warning, this video will wreck you.

I love this story of former Boston College captain Pete Frates, who has inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge. I did accept the ALS challenge and passed it on to a few close friends. But, I added a critical element I believe strongly in. I have a few friends who devote their lives to making sure people around the world have safe drinking water, so wasting a bucket of good water, even for a good cause, didn’t sit well with me. So, in addition to giving to ALSA.org I’ll be giving to TeamWorldVision and challenge you to do the same.

Not to devalue the cause, but the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a marketing phenomenon and all marketing teams can pick up a few great points from the campaign that has brought in millions of dollars to the ALS organization for research to cure the disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.
If you’re putting a viral marketing campaign together for fundraising or product awareness, take note of these elements that make the ALS campaign great.
1. Be Authentic. This campaign started from a heartfelt story for change. Give participants in your campaign a relevant and real connection to your cause.
2. Give a tangible challenge. Simply challenging someone to donate to ALSA.org isn’t enough for a killer campaign. Challenging someone to do something tangible, has a strong effect, and putting an 24 hour time limit on it drives it forward.
3. Empower people. Give permission for people to own your campaign. The ALS #IceBucketChallenge is a sensational success because not only does it asks for me to do something short and fun, but it also asks that I grow the event 3 fold by challenging 3 of my close friends. The peer pressure is incredible but it’s healthy here.

You won’t duplicate this campaign. Find your own voice and your own story to share. Authentic campaigns need to revolve around your story.

Coffee for change


I’m extremely proud to be part of the Don Moen management team and to have worked closely with him over the last decade on various projects and releases. We have a killer team that’s doing amazing things. I work closely on managing his digital marketing in social media and get to release information about the latest projects and efforts we are working on like this video of our recent coffee partnership. In a future post I’ll unpack how we’ve reached over 3 million, real and active, Facebook fans, and also share information on a new site for the ministry arm of the organization. For now, I want to share a video we put together to announce a new product we sell and what happens when Don Moen fans get this coffee.

Know your audience and understand how to associate complimentary products with key relationships. I think coffee and music go great together. Drink up!

Most inspiring video of the day, the story of stories

the music bed contest giveaway killer marketing

Every marketing team wants to know what magic will bring in the best leads, results, traffic, brand awareness and whatever else they want. Well, here it is. Continue reading

Remind them, they are Diamonds…

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We forget how great those around us can be. We put aside their stories of what they’ve overcome and accomplished. Sometimes, to get everyday life stuff done, we have our head down in details without acknowledging how amazing the people are that we work and serve with. Lift your head up. Take time to celebrate people around you — remind them… Continue reading

The definitive video on how to dad


The 2014 Cadillac campaign kicked of a slew of marketing videos using (mostly) one-walk shots. But this new “How To Dad” campaign from Cheerios brings it home. The excellent copy and active setting tell a familiar story. Moments in you identify with this Dad. Marketers beware, Cheerios doesn’t talk about how great their ingredients are, how sweet the new taste is, or how you will feel after you eat it. No.They celebrate something universal, and claim sponsorship of it. We all know the official cookie of milk is the Oreo. Now we know what the official cereal is of fatherhood. Eat up!


And just when you thought you had enough, Peanut Butter Cheerios brings you desert with some additional video shorts.

Amazing campaign. Hats off to Creative Director Josh Stein at Tribal Worldwide.
You can see the full website campaign at http://howtodad.ca built using tumblr.


Dad-of-the-year Fail (gif)


As a dad, sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t. The important part is that when your son is on a kids bouncy house that doubles as a water slide and he tells you to come and play with him… you do it. Here’s my son using me as a human sled.

Dad-of-the-year-fail on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Nailed it! My boy jumped right up and wanted to do it again.

Playbook: Sponsoring Events and Conferences

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Creative teams – represent. There’s a few things you can do to make sure your team comes out on top. A top priority of many in-house creative teams is to represent our companies well at sponsored events. From small meet-ups, local events and all the way to international conferences – it’s the job of our in-house creative teams to make the company presence fresh. Sponsored conferences are most often used by businesses to share their product, but what can make a bigger impact is  Continue reading