3D Recreation of classic art


Killer classic art 3D rendering from Hungarian artist Ekho.

Budavár visszavétele 3D from ekho on Vimeo.

If you think for a minute this challenge from his wife was an easy thing to do, you should view his behance page or blog for the project details. Looks like he had to literally rebuild the painting and recreate most all of the figures.

Princeton High School, Cincinnati Ohio


My mom graduated from Princeton high school in 1972. Little did she know then my brother would someday be the district principal at that same high school. I’m extremely proud of my brother and the entire staff at Princeton high school for all the work they do to pour into and change the lives of kids every day.

Creative and Engineering


The power of creative and engineering together is explosive. Dreams have power when grounded in the possible. Grabbing the future rarely looks like team collaboration for red tape’s sake, but more like the right thinkers expounding on one another’s crazy ideas to “ah ha” moments. Companies that position themselves from the future win–talking from the future with real products, attainable services and affordable solutions. I want partners who not only take a stance of knowing the future direction of technology but have a stake in it. Bringing creative teams together with engineers is what great companies, and few leaders, do. See this Sony – Join Together video, from the creators of a product that stayed on the side of my hip for years. The Walkman was a triumph. My iPhone resembles it more than it resembles phones from a few years back.

Identity Marketing


It’s not about brand identity, it’s about your brand identifying with the consumers of your brand, not the consumers of your product. Define your market and potential clients by who they want to be. Challenge your faithful to be great, and watch them rise to the occasion. Identity past our vocation is a high emotion. Identity is something we all come to grips with in some way or another. Tell a human story, and your brand’s sponsorship of it.

Enjoy this excellent ad from the Guinness team.